Tuesday, January 5, 2010


If you must know, cigarettes are STILL the leading cause of death in this country. I'd figure I give you background checks on both cigarettes & on marijuana. Smoking effects EVERY organ in the body.
Smoking Effects :
HEART - heart disease.
LUNGS - bronchitis, emphyzema
TEETH - yellow teeth & bad breathe
SKIN - thinner skin

Marijuana Effects: If smoked in excess it can have the same problems as cigarettes. ONLY in excess will long term problems occur. But when have we ever heard of Marijuana KILLING someone. By legalizing weed it'd probably just be the same as legalizing alcohol. Alcohol has harmful effects so we keep it under control. Some people cant thats why we dont do it in EXCESS.

If you cant legalize weed then why legalize cigarettes ?


In Amsterdam's Red Light District they have cafe shops & stores that sell weed. Things like space brownies & space cakes. Now how come in places like Amsterdam they can have legal weed but in America they can't ? Amsterdam seems to run just fine with weed being legal. Come on AMERICA pick up the pace.